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Chapter Two

  • 2.102-7601 (PDF), issued 2/11/1976
    Bank purchasing "consumer paper" merely buys sellers rights, which are covered by sales articles of Consumer Protection Code.
  • 2.104-7502 (PDF), issued 1/20/1975
    Past due accounts not considered in default are defined as consumer credit sales.
  • 2.104-7508 (PDF), issued 5/2/1975
    Criteria for lay-away as a consumer credit sale.
  • 2.104-8008 (PDF), issued 8/6/1980
    Bona fide agreed-to delinquency charges on bills for payment in full do not constitute a consumer credit sale.
  • 2.104-8105 (PDF), issued 7/9/1981
    Mobile home sales, although consumer credit sales, are subject to § 501(a)(1) of the Deregulation Act of 1980 as amended under certain conditions.
  • 2.104-8112 (PDF), issued 10/20/1981
    Sale of interest in land under registered vacation timesharing ownership plan is excluded from Consumer Protection Code when secured by purchase money first mortgage.
  • 2.106-7501 (PDF), issued 1/10/1975
    "Consumer lease" does not include a residential lease.
  • 2.110-8701 (PDF), issued 12/30/1987
    In consumer credit sales of motor vehicles, bona fide charges for optional extended service contracts may properly be considered part of the amount financed.
  • 2.201-8202 (PDF), issued 11/5/1982
    Variable rate consumer credit sales of residential manufactured homes are not prohibited by the Consumer Protection Code.
  • 2.202, 3.202 (PDF), issued 12/12/2017
    Transaction fee imposed by the DMV as part of the Electronic Lien and Titling program is an official fee that can be assessed by a creditor as a permissible additional charge. Fee imposed by a third party to conduct filing of document must be absorbed by creditor or included in finance charge.
  • 2.204-7704 (PDF), issued 4/22/1977
    Parties may agree to defer installments which are in default after consumer credit sale contract has matured. "Standard deferral" is required where rebate method is rule of 78's.
  • 2.207-7707 (PDF), issued 6/13/1977
    Calculation of 18% maximum rate for revolving charge accounts.
  • 2.210-7907 (PDF), issued 5/10/1979
    Circumstances in which rebate of unearned finance charges are required.
  • 2.211-7801 (PDF), issued 4/11/1978
    Credit service charge rates for consumer credit sale of a vehicle.
  • 2.211-7801 (PDF), (reconsideration), issued 9/6/1978
    Credit service charge rates for consumer credit sale of a vehicle.
  • 2.211-7904 (PDF), issued 3/28/1979
    Maximum rate for credit service charges for consumer credit sales of motor vehicles.
  • 2.301-8107 (PDF), issued 9/1/1981
    Compliance with TILA considered compliance with Consumer Protection Code disclosure requirements.
  • 2.303-7614 (PDF), issued 12/2/1976
    "Co-signers and similar parties" are the same as an "accommodation party" as defined in the South Carolina code.
  • 2.303-7615 (PDF), issued 12/2/1976
    The notice to co-signer and similar parties must be on a separate piece of paper.
  • 2.303-7616 (PDF), issued 12/2/1976
    Clarification of "copy."
  • 2.307-0101 (PDF), issued 6/7/2001
    Factors required for assessment of a closing, documentation, administrative, processing or procurement fee in a consumer credit sale of a motor vehicle.
  • 2.308-1602 (PDF), issued 5/24/2016
    Automobile dealers must sell vehicle for advertised price, with three exceptions.
  • 2.404-7607 (PDF), issued 8/4/1976
    Buyers' recourses against assignee.
  • 2.405-7403 (PDF), issued 12/30/1974
    A balloon payment sales contract in the hands of an assignee-lender must be refinanced at sale credit rates not to exceed the original contract rate.
  • 2.405-7605 (PDF), issued 5/11/1976
    Clarification of "balloon payment."
  • 2.407-7505 (PDF), issued 4/4/1975
    A security interest in land of a buyer to secure the purchase price of a mobile home is permissible if the mobile home is affixed to such land.
  • 2.416-7503 (PDF), issued 3/26/1975
    Notification of change in revolving charge contracts must be sent for two billing cycles prior to change.
  • 2.605-7905 (PDF), issued 4/13/1979
    Homeowner and buyer may contract for any credit service charge in connection with credit sale of equity in residence secured by second mortgage on that residence.
  • 2.605-8001 (PDF), issued 1/17/1980
    Litchfield-by-the-Sea, Inc. is not engaged in the business of making consumer credit transactions.
  • 2.605-8002 (PDF), issued 3/20/1980
    Homeowner and buyer may contract for any credit service charge in connection with credit sale of residence secured by second mortgage on that residence.
  • 2.605-8005 (PDF), issued 5/14/1980
    Homeowner and buyer may contract for any credit service charge in connection with credit sale of residence secured by second mortgage on that residence.
  • 2.605-8102 (PDF), issued 4/20/1981
    Isle of Palms Beach and Racquet Club Company, Inc. makes secured sales of lots other than consumer credit sales which may be made at any rate contracted for by the parties, including a reasonable annual adjustment tied to an outside index.


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