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Consumer FAQs

Bag of Money

Money & Credit

From credit basics (reports, scores, and more!) to tips on monitoring your accounts to what to look for when on the search for a new car or other products or services, we have the bases covered.

Files about money and debt

Dealing with Debt

There are several laws that protect consumers dealing with debt. Can your wages be garnished? What can debt collectors do? Learn about your rights and responsibilities and options for helping you deal with your debt. 

House with dollar signs in front of it.


Whether you are looking to make a purchase, refinance, get a home equity line or looking to rent, educating yourself is the first step to happy homeownership.

Computer image with an eye

Computers, ID Theft & Privacy

Learn tips to protect your information, spot warning signs of ID theft, steps to take if you are a victim, how to opt out of unwanted offers and calls, and more!  

Alarm with a robber inside

Scam Education

Scammers are on the prowl to separate you from your hard-earned money or personally information.  Checkout some of the latest scams and empower yourself with the information you need to spot and avoid them.

Hand with a dumbell

Health & Fitness

Before joining a gym, looking for a way to decrease prescription costs, delving out cash or signing on the dotted line for another product or service meant to benefit your health, do some research. It could save you a headache in the long run.