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Chapter One

  • 1.108-7916 (PDF), Issued 9/18/1979
    Application of interest to a judgment.
  • 1.108-8017 (PDF), Issued 12/19/1980
    Variable rate loans are not prohibited by Consumer Protection Code but increase in rate on mortgage loans may be limited to 1% by § 34-31-90 (2).              
  • 1.109-8011 (PDF), Issued 9/9/1980
    First adjustment of dollar amounts occurred on July 1, 1980 in sections in effect on that date including § 37-2-207              
  • 1.201-7506 (PDF), Issued 4/16/1975
    Application of Code to "open end credit" transactions.      
  • 1.202(7)-7602 (PDF), Issued 2/11/1976
    Origination fee" in addition to maximum interest is an excess charge.         
  • 1.202(7) - 7602 (PDF), Amended 11/3/1978
    "Origination fee" in addition to maximum finance charge is an excess charge.           
  • 1.202.7603 (PDF), Issued 3/4/1976
    Application of Code for agricultural purposes.        
  • 1.202-7901 (PDF), Issued 1/31/1979
    Loan primarily for agricultural purpose may not be made subject to Consumer Protection Code by agreement.          
  • 1.202-7903 (PDF), Issued 3/19/1979
    Clarification of term "residence."  
  • 1.202-8106 (PDF), Issued 7/27/1981
    Exclusion of first mortgage loans to pay off bona fide initial construction loans.         
  • 1.202-8108 (PDF), Issued 9/8/1981
    Application of Code to pawnbroker loans.  
  • 1.202-8110 (PDF), Issued 9/17/1981
    Mobile home secured loans governed by Consumer Protection Code rate and charge limitations.          
  • 1.202A-8013 (PDF), Issued 10/14/1980
    Second mortgage consumer loan made by an individual to an individual is subject to rate ceiling in Consumer Protection Code depending on number of loans made.  
  • 1.301-7604 (PDF), Issued 3/4/1976
    Clarification of term "agricultural purpose."          
  • 1.301-7618 (PDF), Issued 12/20/1976
    Non-filing insurance premium is "official fee" and may not exceed the amount which would be actually paid to public officials if a security interest were perfected by filing.               
  • 1.301-7701 (PDF), Issued 2/17/1977
    Purchase money security interest in land includes a mortgage given to pay off a purchase money security interest in land.   
  • 1.301-7902 (PDF), Issued 1/31/1979
    Commercial fishing vessel loans are not primarily for agricultural purposes.



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