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Education is a core component of DCA's mission.  We strive to ensure consumers and businesses alike are aware of their rights and responsibilities in the marketplace. Our staff is available to present to your constituents, employees, community group, association or club about consumer topics, including identity theft and scams, credit reports and scores and debt collection. Trade, professional, or industry associations and groups, as well as businesses, may also request a presentation on laws within the Department's purview.  

Please click the icon below to access DCA's Request a Presentation Form.

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Presentation Descriptions

ID Theft / Scams – Avoiding Scams & ID Theft in the Digital Age – New scams are popping up every day and identity theft is costly and time-consuming. Come learn the red flags of a scam and the completely FREE ways to protect your info. With these tools, you won’t end up giving over your hard-earned money or, even worse, your private information.

Financial Literacy – Making Sense of Money – Learn the basics of being money smart separated into five easy to digest categories: Earn, Spend, Save & Invest, Borrow and Protect.

Credit Reports – Credit Reports. They are complicated. We break down the basics of why credit reports are important, how to read them, what to look for and common credit myths that you probably have heard.