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You can file a complaint and submit applications for licensing online. Filings you do not wish to make, or that are not available, online can be submitted via mail for processing.

Department staff is available to assist with any questions at (800) 922-1594 (toll free in SC) or 803-734-4200 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, exclusing State holidays. You can also email general questions to

Motor Vehicle Dealer Closing Fee

Prior to charging a closing fee (sometimes referred to by other terms such as doc fee, doc prep fee, administrative fee, processing fee), a motor vehicle dealer must provide written notice to the Department of the maximum amount of a closing fee the dealer intends to charge. This notice must be filed by January 31 each year. The required filing documents vary based on the dollar amount filed.

  • $225.00 or less: If the maximum closing fee the dealer intends to charge is $225.00 or less, the dealer only needs to submit the Notice of Closing Fee Form and pay the $25.00 registration fee.
  • Above $225.00: The Department reviews maximum closing fees exceeding $225.00 for reasonableness. To aid in the Department's review, the dealer also must submit the Notice of Closing Fee Addendum along with information to support the fee. 

NOTE: The Department relies on the accuracy and good faith of the information provided for closing fees in excess of $225.00. We may, however, audit the dealer's books, accounts, and records to verify the information provided with the filing and determine if the dealer is in compliance with the closing fee statute. Thus, even if the Department permitted a dealer to charge a closing fee in excess of $225.00 previously, the Department could require refunds to consumers if portions of the closing fee are found to be unreasonable upon further investigation.

*Please note the Department's new physical address is 293 Greystone Blvd., Ste. 400 | Columbia, SC | 29210*
**Mailings may still be sent to PO Box 5757 | Columbia, SC | 29250-5757**

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A motor vehicle dealer must file its proposed closing fee and pay the registration fee before January 31st of each year.

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